What is DEQX?

Technology white paper available for download here.


DEQX® digital audio processing is an advanced process for audio products that corrects for playback system errors. The process places particular emphasis on the speakers, with the DEQX unit changing the time, phase, amplitude and frequency information in the signal being sent to amplifiers and loudspeakers to compensate for measured errors. DEQX room correction and Preference EQ adds further compensation for room acoustics and specific CDs, DVDs etc.

Using DEQX Calibrated™ correction, measured errors caused by loudspeaker drivers, loudspeaker cabinets, signal electronics and even DEQX’s own analogue electronics as well as room acoustic problems are significantly removed. DEQX correction results in a more natural and ‘realistic’ performance because the sound arriving at the listening position more accurately represents the originally recorded audio than has previously been possible, even in expensive audiophile systems.

A DEQX-corrected system typically demonstrates improved three-dimensional resolution, wider listening area, and an accurate harmonic balance when the full suite of DEQX processes are implemented with suitable loudspeakers. DEQX can provide the elusive audiophile ‘being there’ experience for a fraction of the cost of high-end systems. Even so, DEQX provides further performance gains when using audiophile grade source media and electronics.

DEQX Calibrated™ correction can be implemented in part or in whole using a suite of processes that DEQX’s hardware and software processors provide. DEQX can be added to existing playback systems using DEQX off-the-shelf processors combined with DEQX’s PC software to measure and set up the system. DEQX processors are used to provide reference monitoring accuracy by leading music and film soundtrack production facilities. Loudspeaker manufacturers can incorporate DEQX correction into loudspeaker designs using DEQX’s turnkey OEM Processor Modules with optional digital amplifiers and universal power supplies.