Book a Listening Session

Audio is a personal experience, and as high-end audio consumers ourselves we know that it takes time to evaluate gear. We have always encouraged our visitors to return with their own music (with which they are familiar) and listen to their hearts content in our demo room. And maybe have a chat and some refreshments too!

We aren’t always in the demo room. Therefore to avoid disappointment you are strongly encouraged to book a listening session. Each session is one hour long, but you are more than welcome to request a longer session. We have a wide variety of music for you to listen to, but please bring your own too! If you bring vinyl you might like to know that we have a Thorens TD2030 turntable, with a Rega tone arm and an Ortofon Blue cartridge. Our phono preamp is a REDGUM RGPH2ENR.

Use the form below to book a listening session, or else contact us via email ( or phone +65 8223-3547 (voice and text).

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