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Linear-phase loudspeakers. Superbly accurate.

Logo - Redgum (900 x 532)

Transparent high-current amplifiers, DACs, phono preamps. Magnificently minimal.


Speaker & room calibration. Audibly correct.

Magnepan logo (no bkgnd)

Magneplanar dipole loudspeakers. Legendary.

UNISON Logo (clear bkgnd)

Broadband bass traps & patented diffusors. Making rooms sonically clean.


Latest News

Watching and listening to Barbra Streisand’s ‘Timeless’ concert from 31st December 1999, and ‘David Foster & Friends’. At home, playing out from a Mac Mini with VLC, through the REDGUM RGDAC8, to a REDGUM Black RGi120ENR driving a pair of Axis VBS and a pair of active Axis EBS. Very moving. We had the prototype… Read More

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See the partial screen capture from the latest review posted in Soundstage! Australia: The Axis VoiceBox S is their reference near-field monitor, and the DEQX PreMate the speaker/room processor.

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John’s new website went ‘live’ yesterday. Check it out at

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We recently introduced a one-week home trial with money-back guarantee. We are now augmenting that with bundle deals and instalment plans for Axis + REDGUM combos.

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The RGDAC8, in the Amplifolia range. Ian is bringing it with him to the Meet the Designers session on Monday 31st July. We’ve been listening to a prototype over the past few months and it is promising, to say the least!

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What Our Customers Think

Depending on how big the space is, sometimes, a few AudioRev panels are all you need to hear the huge difference in sound quality of the space.

(The AAP-75 is a) great product and easy to install. Does what it is supposed to do efficiently with good result. Value for money. Wonderful service.

Wanted to let everyone know what a pleasure it was to work with the AudioRev team on my recent hifi purchase. My experience was that they were always ready to share their knowledge and passion for what they are doing whilst giving enough time and space for me to make up my own mind about what I wanted to buy.

I have now had my REDGUM/Axis set up at home for about two months and am still consistently blown away by how much I am enjoying listening to all my music. If there is any hifi kit out there offering a better price performance I would love to hear it

(The AAP-75 broadband bass trap) is one of the few things in hifi that actually works.