Reference-quality playback lets you hear what recording artists create in the mastering studio. Our carefully selected audio and acoustical products get you closer to the music, what you are supposed to hear.

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Our Brand Ambassador

“My REDGUM and Axis system sounds so real!”

Lynnette Seah, Co-Concertmaster of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, recipient Singapore Cultural Medallion (Music).

Read the announcement, and about how Lynnette became our brand ambassador.

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StarMount Studio Gets the Axis VoiceBox S

“A very good musical reference for both work and leisure.”

Alex Tan, Founder
StarMount Studio
Kuala Lumpur

Read the blog post.

leon thum 639x639
Leon Thum Visits AudioRev

“The AudioRev demo room is the best place I know for referencing my recordings before going to production.”

Leon Thum
Fingerstyle Guitarist
Brand Ambassador for Naga Guitars

Read the blog post.


Latest News

Read SoundStage! Australia’s review of the REDGUM Audio RGPH2ENR Signature Series Phono Stage. Edgar Kramer writes: What should you ask of a high quality phono stage? In my view, a well-engineered phono should provide adequate gain from the groove-on-to-cartridge-on-to-tonearm pick-up, interpolate the signal from input through to the output stage and on to the amplification… Read More

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Magneplanar 1.6QR Burmester 101 Integrated Amplifier Burmester 102 CD Player

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Late yesterday morning the fingerstyle guitarist Leon Thum dropped by with four friends, Bill, Chin Tong, Michele and Aaron. We initially didn’t know who Leon was, but his very keen ears and audio recording knowledge prompted us to do some sleuthing online after he left. Go to the International Fingerstyle Guitar Festival 2015 artist list… Read More

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“In the many years of my hifi hobby journey (beginning in the early 1970s), many products have come and gone that disappointed or had unjustified prices. This one is quite different…From the first play, I was relishing the REDGUM experience, and that feeling of potency and musicality, and this is certainly not just another amplifier!”… Read More

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Extracted with permission from Mono & Stereo’s review of the REDGUM Black RGi120ENR integrated amplifier. In the review, Matej Isak did an email interview with Ian Robinson, REDGUM’s founder and designer. RGi120ENR is very different sounding and performing integrated. Can you elaborate on why it sounds so different? Always a tricky one to answer as… Read More

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Headless, meaning that no screen, keyboard nor pointing device are required for operation. After power-up the media player is controlled from a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone via a web browser. Supports streaming services such as Tidal and Spotify. Read more about it on the REDGUM web site. We will have one in the demo… Read More

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What Our Customers Think

These AudioRev panels and diffusors seriously really do work!

(The MG1.7 with DWM bass panel) sounds a lot like Stax headphones made into speakers!

Depending on how big the space is, sometimes, a few AudioRev panels are all you need to hear the huge difference in sound quality of the space.

Anyone with a mid-to-hi fi stereo should seriously consider these (room treatment products), before you upgrade in cables, or even more advanced equipment. I’ve been listening to high-end equipment for more than four decades, and I listen to music more than four hours per day. I don’t have superpower hearing, I just trust my ears? The panels and diffusors you provide are perfect, a bargain and the biggest bang for the buck! And they are well-acceptable in a living room.