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We help our customers improve the acoustical health of the rooms in which they live and work. The UNISON sound reflection control system is exceptionally effective at cleaning up the acoustics of any room to suit the activities that the room is usually used for.

For customers who listen to recorded audio we offer carefully selected digital-to-analogue converters, preamplifiers, amplifiers, speaker & room processors, and loudspeakers from which to build an audio system that maintains  end-to-end phase linearity. Such a system reproduces the recorded signal with extreme tonal and imaging fidelity. This allows us to get as close as possible to what the mastering engineer and the artiste intended for listeners to hear.

AudioRev strives to ensure that its products and solutions represent great value. i.e., among the best available at any price. We therefore carry only products and solutions that we would (and do) use in our own homes. We sell a product only if we can explain how it works in terms of established physical, mechanical and electromagnetic principles.

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Back in 1990, Lynnette received a call out of the blue asking if she’d like to perform Bach’s violin concerto in A-minor at the launch of a new version of the NeXTSTEP operating system  for NeXT Computers. (NeXT was founded by Steve five years earlier when he was kicked out of Apple Computer.) The event… Read More

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Yesterday 3rd December was our Ambassador Lynnette Seah’s 59th birthday. All of us at AudioRev and our principals John Reilly (Axis) and Ian Robinson (REDGUM) wish her the best of health and happiness for the year to come.

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In the second News Room article for November 2016. We have a couple of announcements to make before the show, so please check back here or at our Facebook page. The EBS is an active sub-woofer that delivers ultra-tight, ultra-accurate bass from around 100Hz all the way down to a genuine room-shaking 20Hz. Mr Kramer gives… Read More

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We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Lynnette Seah, Co-Concertmaster of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, has very kindly agreed to be AudioRev’s ambassador for Excellence in Hifi Audio Reproduction. Lynnette is one of the rare people who is able to make a career out of a passion, in this case music. She was a founding member of the Singapore Symphony… Read More

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One of our customers Nick was so astonished by the sonics of the REDGUM/Axisvoicebox combo he bought recently that he had no hesitation in agreeing to my request for a customer testimonial. Wanted to let everyone know what a pleasure it was to work with the AudioRev team on my recent hifi purchase. My experience… Read More

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What Our Customers Think

Wanted to let everyone know what a pleasure it was to work with the AudioRev team on my recent hifi purchase. My experience was that they were always ready to share their knowledge and passion for what they are doing whilst giving enough time and space for me to make up my own mind about what I wanted to buy.

I have now had my REDGUM/Axis set up at home for about two months and am still consistently blown away by how much I am enjoying listening to all my music. If there is any hifi kit out there offering a better price performance I would love to hear it

After installing the AudioRev absorber panels and diffusors, my piano room is finally properly treated. My kids can practice their piano happily. The piano sounds so good after the room treatment!

(The AAP-75 is a) great product and easy to install. Does what it is supposed to do efficiently with good result. Value for money. Wonderful service.