Discover the magic of 2-channel stereo

Yes, there is still plenty of life left in 2-channel stereo. Let us help you hear what recording artists and mastering engineers want you to experience — audio reproduction that is immersive, engaging, emotional, and natural. Accurate, high fidelity reproduction of recorded sound need not be expensive. Rediscover your music and movie collections.

AudioRev is a small boutique hifi specialist. We offer a deliberately small and carefully curated selection of products that include open-source network players, one brand of electronics, one brand of loudspeakers, interconnects and speaker cables, and our own brand of acoustic treatment for rooms. We offer absolute value, and no hype.

lynnette seah 639x639
Our Brand Ambassador

“My REDGUM and Axis system sounds so real!”

Lynnette Seah
Recipient of the Singapore Cultural Medallion (Music)

Announcement, and how Lynnette became our brand ambassador.
StarMount Studio Gets the Axis VoiceBox S

“A very good musical reference for both work and leisure.”

Alex Tan, Founder
StarMount Studio
Kuala Lumpur

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leon thum 639x639
Leon Thum Visits AudioRev

The AudioRev demo room is the best place I know for referencing my recordings before going to production.”

Leon Thum
Fingerstyle Guitarist & Brand Ambassador for Naga Guitars

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Alvaro Sanchez Head Shot.png
AudioRev at the Alvaro Sanchez Recital

“Thank you very much indeed for your great help in the concert. It was magnificent!! And also…so artistic!!”

Maestro Alvaro Sanchez
Conductor, Guitarist, Harpist
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Axis Loudspeakers

Near-field mini-monitors, floor standers, and sub-woofers. Superb holographic imaging, smooth extended highs, critically accurate mid-range, superbly accurate bass. Used in mastering studios. Equally at home and in the mastering studio.

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Redgum Electronics

DACs, phono stages, cables. Transparent passive dual-mono preamplifiers, and ‘drive anything’ ultra-high current power amplifiers, available separately or integrated.

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Unison Reflection Control

Broadband bass traps designed and manufactured by AudioRev. Imported patented near-field diffusors.

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Open Source Network Players

Open-source network players for audiophiles. Built-to-order, and pair with a USB DAC of your choice. Play all audio file types. Stream from Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, and AirPlay sources. Synchronised multi-room audio.