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Linear-phase loudspeakers.
Superbly accurate.

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Transparent high-current amplifiers, DACs, and phono preamps.
Magnificently minimal.


Speaker and room calibration & correction.
Audibly correct.

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Magneplanar dipole loudspeakers.

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Broadband bass traps & patented diffusors.
Making rooms sonically clean.


Our Brand Ambassador

“My REDGUM and Axis system sounds so real!”

Lynnette Seah, Co-Concertmaster of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, recipient Singapore Cultural Medallion (Music).

Read the announcement. And about how Lynnette became our brand ambassador.


Latest News

The Axis VoiceBox Extended Bass System (EBS) is not a subwoofer. It is a true bass extender that is designed to not be spectrally flat with respect to the rest of the frequency spectrum. Therefore it should not be treated like a subwoofer if you have a DEQX speaker/room correction processor in your audio system.… Read More

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Technology white paper available for download here. Overview DEQX® digital audio processing is an advanced process for audio products that corrects for playback system errors. The process places particular emphasis on the speakers, with the DEQX unit changing the time, phase, amplitude and frequency information in the signal being sent to amplifiers and loudspeakers to… Read More

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Saw it today, in an antique collector’s home. It still works (demo’d on the spot), and it is for sale complete with the cabinet it is sitting on. Just have to scrape the dollars together…sigh.

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Some of our customers, friends and acquaintances know that Lynnette Seah is a close friend. In fact, we refer to her affectionately as ‘Elder Sister’. This does not mean that she did us a favour by becoming our brand ambassador. We know her well, and the fact that she does not compromise on her standards… Read More

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When you relax in front of your stereo audio or multi-channel home theatre system you are really engaging in two kinds of listening: Non-critical and critical listening. Non-critical listening is where you just want to ‘listen to the music’ and enjoy it for its own sake. You might even be walking around the room, chatting… Read More

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Watching and listening to Barbra Streisand’s ‘Timeless’ concert from 31st December 1999, and ‘David Foster & Friends’. At home, playing out from a Mac Mini with VLC, through the REDGUM RGDAC8, to a REDGUM Black RGi120ENR driving a pair of Axis VBS and a pair of active Axis EBS. Very moving. We had the prototype… Read More

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What Our Customers Think

These AudioRev panels and diffusors seriously really do work!

(The AAP-75 broadband bass trap) is one of the few things in hifi that actually works.

(The MG1.7 with DWM bass panel) sounds a lot like Stax headphones made into speakers!

They are Absolutely Value for Money!