Discover the magic of 2-channel stereo. Rediscover your music and movie collections.

Let us help you hear what recording artists and mastering engineers want you to experience — audio reproduction that is immersive, engaging, emotional, and natural. Let us show you that accurate, high fidelity reproduction of recorded sound need not be expensive.

We are a one-stop resource for all your home audio needs, from open-source network players, to amplifiers, loudspeakers, interconnect and speaker cables, and acoustic treatment of rooms for music and speech.

axis logo 2013 clear bkgnd

Near-field mini-monitors, floor standers, and sub-woofers. Used in mastering studios.

Logo - Redgum (900 x 532)

Ultra-high current ‘drive anything’ amplifiers, DACs, phono stages, cables. Perfectly minimalist.

Magnepan logo (no bkgnd)

Planar-magnetic dipole loudspeakers. Legendary.

UNISON Logo (clear bkgnd)

Broadband bass traps/absorbers, patented near-field diffusors. Strengthen the weakest link, the room.

volumio logo

daphile logo

Open-source network players for audiophiles. Built-to-order. Play practically all audio file types. Stream from Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, and AirPlay sources. Synchronised multi-room audio capable.

lynnette seah 639x639

Our Brand Ambassador

“My REDGUM and Axis system sounds so real!”

Lynnette Seah
Co-Concertmaster, Singapore Symphony Orchestra
Recipient of the Singapore Cultural Medallion (Music).

Read the announcement, and about how Lynnette became our brand ambassador.

StarMount Studio Gets the Axis VoiceBox S

“A very good musical reference for both work and leisure.”

Alex Tan, Founder
StarMount Studio
Kuala Lumpur

Read the blog post.

leon thum 639x639

Leon Thum Visits AudioRev

“The AudioRev demo room is the best place I know for referencing my recordings before going to production.”

Leon Thum
Fingerstyle Guitarist
Brand Ambassador for Naga Guitars

Read the blog post.

Alvaro Sanchez Head Shot.png

AudioRev at the Alvaro Sanchez Recital

“Thank you very much indeed for your great help in the concert. It was magnificent!! And also…so artistic!!”

Maestro Alvaro Sanchez
Conductor, Guitarist, Harpist

Read the blog post.


Latest News

In the piano salon of Emmanuel & Sons. Needs a bit more ‘breathing room’ so it might be moved elsewhere in the piano salon. Discussions under way.

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On Sunday 13th January we provided on-stage sound reinforcement at the re:SOUND Collective‘s concert, An Italian Extravaganza, at the Victoria Concert Hall in Singapore. The concert was led and conducted by Maestro Enrico Onofri and featured works by Italian masters Dario Castello, Arcangelo Corelli, Antonio Vivaldi, Luigi Boccherini, Gioachino Rossini and Ottorino Respighi. Sound reinforcement was required… Read More

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Our demo suite is now located in the piano salon of Emmanuel & Sons, 158 Kallang Way, #01-08 Performance Building, (S)349245. Demo sessions are strictly by appointment. Please call or text us at +65 8223-3547, or send us email at We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Kwan and all staff… Read More

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Alvaro is playing a Lyon & Healy Style 2000 Electroacoustic Harp. But I didn’t use the harp’s output signals, because one of the two channels was not working. Instead, I mic’d the harp with: A Shure SM-81 right in front of one of the sound holes of the resonating cavity; you can see the microphone between… Read More

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Last night, 1st December, we provided sound reinforcement for the Alvaro Sanchez guitar recital held in Emmanuel & Son’s piano showroom in Kallang Way. Update: Click HERE for video excerpt. The opportunity to work with Alvaro happened by accident on Wednesday 28th November. The available microphone and guitar amp were not able to render a… Read More

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Dear Friends, AudioRev will be moving out of the current location in mid-December 2018. We are offering new and demo stock for sale, at discounts of 25% and 40% respectively. All items come with full warranty. All prices shown are in Singapore dollars. Axis VoiceBox S Mini Monitors (black) (List price $3026 pair.) New $2,269.… Read More

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What Our Friends & Customers Say

The accuracy and crystal clear sound of AudioRev, gave me peace of mind and helped me indeed, to achieve a very smooth concentration on the delicate execution of each of the music works of my Concert programe. For me it was like having sciences and arts together at my service. I would highly recommend it to the artists or those with sensible appreciation.

(The AAP-75 is a) great product and easy to install. Does what it is supposed to do efficiently with good result. Value for money. Wonderful service.

(The AAP-75 broadband bass trap) is one of the few things in hifi that actually works.

They are Absolutely Value for Money!