Lynnette Seah is AudioRev’s Brand Ambassador


We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Lynnette Seah, Co-Concertmaster of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, has very kindly agreed to be AudioRev’s ambassador for Excellence in Hifi Audio Reproduction.

Lynnette is one of the rare people who is able to make a career out of a passion, in this case music. She was a founding member of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, joining the fledgling orchestra as employee #2 in 1979. Lynnette is now Co-Concertmaster of the SSO, and is much loved and respected as both performer and teacher. Her lifetime of dedication to music was recognised in 2006 when she was presented with the Cultural Medallion, Singapore’s most prestigious arts accolade. In 2014 Lynnette was inducted into the Singapore Womens Hall of Fame.

If a recording is done with care and the electrical signal a faithful analogue of the sound sources and their acoustical environments, then equally careful rendering of electrical signal into acoustical waves should result in life-like reproductions of those sound sources and their acoustical environments. And of course the sound sources that we connect deeply with are acoustical musical instruments and the human voice.

Lynnette strives for truth and authenticity whenever she performs on her violin, a Giovanni Battista Gabrielli 1750. She listens to live acoustical instruments and sometimes also voices whenever she practices or performs. It is therefore natural to want the same when listening to audio recordings. When we demonstrated to Lynnette in her home what the magical combination of REDGUM and Axis could do she exclaimed: “It sounds so real!” She is now the owner of a system comprising:

Lynnette is the embodiment of our desire for truth and authenticity in hifi audio reproduction. She reminds us of our commitment to only offer our customers acoustical and audio solutions that meet her exacting standards.

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