We get a small mention in 6moons.com

In the second News Room article for November 2016. We have a couple of announcements to make before the show, so please check back here or at our Facebook page.

The EBS is an active sub-woofer that delivers ultra-tight, ultra-accurate bass from around 100Hz all the way down to a genuine room-shaking 20Hz. Mr Kramer gives the impression that the EBS is intended for use only with the Axisvoicebox S bookshelf monitor, but this is in fact not the case. This is just the best application — a pair of EBS with a VBS sitting on top of each unit. In this configuration the EBS matches the VBS in terms of speed and phase linearity. Using a single EBS with a pair of VBS is also possible; you just lose the advantage of having stereo sub-woofers.

You can also use the EBS (singly or as a pair) with other makes of loudspeakers. Just make sure that your satellites can keep up. The EBS will need signal from your stereo pre-amp or the LF/E from a multi-channel surround processor.

The FLS? Well, think VBS at seated listening height, with its enclosure extended down to the floor. The extension is like an EBS but with slightly smaller volume and driver. And like the EBS, the FLS bass extension takes signal from the pre-amp.

Come and visit us in Room 734, and listen to a reproduction system that has linear phase from input through to the speakers. That’s right — linear phase DAC, linear phase pre/power amp, linear phase speakers. This is the Magic of True Hifi.

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