News Flash! Meet the Designers on Monday 31-Jul-2017 at 10.30

Ian Robinson and John Reilly (respectively founder/designers of REDGUM Audio and Axis Loudspeakers) are passing through Singapore in the week of 31st July. Both have made themselves available to meet fellow hifi enthusiasts and hobbyists for a chat. We are sorry for the short notice and the fact that it’s on a Monday morning, but… Read More

Review of Redgum Black RGi120ENR in Mono & Stereo

The Mono & Stereo review appeared last year, but we are posting about it only now as we catch up on the backlog of to-do’s. It is well worth reading because in it Redgum founder and designer Ian Robinson expounds on the key aspects of his design philosophy: Dual-mono passive preamps; UltraFlex ‘drive anything’ power… Read More

Audio Interconnect Cables — Balanced or Unbalanced?

Or: What are the differences between consumer and professional audio? The majority of “pro” audio gear is pro by virtue of the provision of balanced source inputs and pre-amp outputs. The benefit is ostensibly common-mode noise rejection. Some amplifiers even have an all-balanced signal path from input to output. Our reading about balanced audio is… Read More