Review of REDGUM Black RGi35ENR in TNT New Zealand

“In the many years of my hifi hobby journey (beginning in the early 1970s), many products have come and gone that disappointed or had unjustified prices. This one is quite different…From the first play, I was relishing the REDGUM experience, and that feeling of potency and musicality, and this is certainly not just another amplifier!”… Read More

REDGUM Black-series Design Philosophy

Extracted with permission from Mono & Stereo’s review of the REDGUM Black RGi120ENR integrated amplifier. In the review, Matej Isak did an email interview with Ian Robinson, REDGUM’s founder and designer. RGi120ENR is very different sounding and performing integrated. Can you elaborate on why it sounds so different? Always a tricky one to answer as… Read More

The Fountek Patent for the Ribbon Tweeter Used in the Axis VoiceBox S

Geek alert! The Fountek ribbon tweeter used in the Axis VoiceBox S has the tweeter foil mounted and tensioned in a way that dramatically reduces resonances in the tweeter. The mounting also avoids the distortion-causing stretching that other corrugated foil tweeters undergo as they age. What you get is high-frequency response that is smooth and… Read More

DEQX Speaker/Room Correction and the Axis VoiceBox EBS

The Axis VoiceBox Extended Bass System (EBS) is not a subwoofer. It is a true bass extender that is designed to not be spectrally flat with respect to the rest of the frequency spectrum. Therefore it should not be treated like a subwoofer if you have a DEQX speaker/room correction processor in your audio system.… Read More

What is DEQX?

Technology white paper available for download here. Overview DEQX® digital audio processing is an advanced process for audio products that corrects for playback system errors. The process places particular emphasis on the speakers, with the DEQX unit changing the time, phase, amplitude and frequency information in the signal being sent to amplifiers and loudspeakers to… Read More