AudioRev was started by passionate hifi enthusiasts who believe that accurate, high fidelity reproduction of recorded sound need not be expensive nor esoteric. In other words, it is possible to get true hifi & true value without having to sacrifice one to get the other. We would like to share our experiences and what we have discovered with other hobbyists. To that end we distribute and/or resell carefully selected audio components that have true high-end performance but at value prices. And we also distribute our own range of UNISON acoustical products, some of which we designed and manufactured ourselves.

Our carefully selected range of digital-to-analogue converters, phono stages, pre/power/integrated amplifiers, loudspeakers and speaker/room correction processors allow you to build a linear phase (and therefore truly accurate) high-end audio system. Only then can the recorded content be reproduced with the highest tonal and imaging fidelity. This gets you as close as possible to what the performer, recording engineer and mastering engineer intended for you to hear.

We also help you address the weakest link in any audio playback system—the listening room. Our acoustical products help you to achieve proper integration between the loudspeaker and your listening room’s acoustics. These acoustical products also have broader general use in improving the acoustical health of the rooms in which you live and work. The broadband bass traps and diffusors are exceptionally effective at cleaning up the acoustics of any room to suit the activities that the room is usually used for.

To demonstrate our confidence in the brands that we represent we give you a money-back guarantee on purchases of Axis, REDGUM, DEQX and Unison products. You get a one week trial in your home for a deposit of 20% of the purchase price. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you are entitled to return the items you bought, and get a refund of the deposit less transportation cost. This demonstrates our confidence that our products are comparable to the best available at any price point.

If you would rather visit our demo room first before deciding to take a home trial then we strongly encourage you to bring your own music (that you are familiar with) and spend an hour or three here. As many times as you like. No interruptions, no obligation. Just let us know in advance when you want to come by.

Just want to talk shop? No problem. And if you time it right you might just end up having some delicious home-made nyonya kueh to snack on.

Listen to the music!