Axis VoiceBox S (VBS) Mini-Monitor


Designing the Axis Voicebox S — An Interview with John Reilly

Technical Specifications

Frequency Response 60Hz – 20kHz ±2dB (on tweeter axis)
45Hz – 20kHz ±2.5dB (1/3 octave pink noise)
Sensitivity 83dB linear for 1W at 1m
Power Rating 100W RMS
Crossover 18-element electro-acoustic Linkwitz-Riley 4th-order @ 3kHz
Tweeter 50mm metal true ribbon (custom)
Woofer 5.25″ NOMEX paper cone
Dimensions 310mm x 185mm x 195mm (H x W x D)
Cable sockets on rear add 28mm to the depth
Weight 6.4kg each (14lbs.)


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