Sonically Clean!

The AudioRev UNISON reflection control system is a configurable and adaptable modular system for controlling reflections of sound in rooms. The UNISON system comprises primary components such as broadband bass traps and sound diffusors. The secondary components include accessories such as wall-mounting brackets, floor stands, multi-panel mobile carriages, and removable fabric covers.

Absorption AAP-75 Broadband Bass Trap
W-B Wall Bracket
F-S Floor Stand
G Gobo Kit
F-C Fabric Covers
Diffusion D-C Diffusor (250Hz-16kHz)
D-D Diffusor (599Hz-16kHz)
D-E Diffusor (125Hz-16kHz)
D-F Diffusor (1kHz-16kHz)

UNISON’s different mounting options make it suitable for use in any space where proper shaping of the space’s acoustics makes the space better suited for speech and music, and generally more comfortable to be in.

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