UNISON F-C Fabric Covers

AudioRev offers fabric covers for the UNISON AAP-75 broadband bass trap. The covers come in solid colours or with printed patterns or images. Visit us and take a look through the images and patterns in our catalogue. Don’t see anything you like? Then we can print any image that you give us (minimum 5 megapixel resolution).

The picture below shows a digital image and how it can be printed on a UNISON AAP-75 on floor stand, covered by a printed UNISON F-C Fabric Cover.

shutterstock_153017876 [Converted]IMG_7762

Standard Fabric Covers

Click on the links below for more information. We will add to our offering over time.

Printed Fabric Covers

We can print just about any digital image onto your fabric cover. For greatest colour fidelity we strongly recommend that the printing be done on Harmony Style 4320-07 Diamond.

We are building a portfolio of stock images for which we have paid the rights to use, and will upload them to their own pages over time. We can also print any digital image that you supply to us, but it has to satisfy two requirements:

  • You must be the owner of the image, or else have the rights to use the image. We will not be held responsible for infringement of copyrights.
  • The image must have a minimum resolution of 5 megapixels. More is better, so that you get the best possible printed image.

Please note that the aspect ratio of a UNISON AAP-75 panel is 2:1 (height:width). So your image will have to be cropped to fit. Images can of course be segmented and spread over multiple panels; we are more than happy to help you do the necessary cropping.

Bleed over the edges of the panel front is possible of course. In fact, we recommend that the image extend to cover the sides of the panel as well, even if a large image is being spread over multiple panels.



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