UNISON G Gobo (kit)

The UNISON G Gobo (‘go between’) is intended primarily for professional and commercial uses where a mobile broadband acoustic management solution is needed. The gobo carriage is designed so that the bottom of the gobo rides very low to the ground, typically around 10.0mm. This minimizes the leakage of sound underneath the gobo. The high-quality, heavy-duty corrosion-resistant casters are non-marking, and are fully lockable for both swiveling and rolling.

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The UNISON G Gobo is available as two-panel and three-panel kits, in black only. Two or three UNISON AAP-75 bass traps are stacked vertically in landscape orientation and fastened to the vertical supports.

A two-panel gobo is approximately 1222mm tall by 1206mm wide, while a three-panel gobo is approximately 1828mm tall by 1206mm wide. The gobo carriage depth is approximately 595mm.

Customers who already have AAP-75 bass traps on hand may purchase the gobo carriage may be purchased separately.

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