UNISON AAP-75 Broadband Bass Trap

The AudioRev UNISON AAP-75 is a hybrid acoustic panel that offers bass trapping and user-selectable mid/high-frequency absorption. It is intended for use in any room that needs to be acoustically improved for speech, music, and general acoustic comfort.

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Download Test Report (PDF, 31.3MB)

Key Features

High-performance hybrid membrane core The sound absorbing core comprises a sandwich of several different materials, including selected thicknesses and densities of Owens Corning rigid fiberglass boards, and an acoustically lossy membrane. This sandwich construction has significantly better bass trapping capability over that of a monolithic single-layer core.
Strong, light-weight steel frame A support frame made from precision laser- and die-cut corrosion-resistant electro-galvanized steel. The four sides of the frame are perforated to allow sound waves to diffract into the core from all four sides. This enhances the core’s performance even more. The frame is powder-coated for additional durability.
Reversible One side of the AAP-75 is sonically ‘brighter’ and partially reflects mid- to high-frequencies; the other side provides more absorption of mid- to high-frequencies. The bass trapping performance is similar for both faces. It operates well below 80 Hz if the trap straddles a room corner, comfortably covering the critical 100 Hz region. The supplied mounting bars can be attached to either side of the panel, thereby allowing you to choose which side to expose to the sound source. And because the mounting bars are removable you can reposition them on the other side if you decide that you want to change the AAP-75’s sound absorption profile.
Multiple mounting options The AAP-75 can be hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling using easily available picture wire and wall hooks.

The UNISON AAP-75 can be mounted on the wall with the specially-designed UNISON W-B Wall-mounting Bracket. These mounting brackets ensure that a 7 cm air gap is maintained between the rear of the panel and the wall. This gives better bass trapping capability than mounting the AAP-75 flush against the wall.

The AAP-75 can be mounted in a standard suspended ceiling grid.

The AAP-75 can be mounted in portrait orientation on the UNISON F-S Floor Stand, so that it can be moved wherever it is needed, or used to treat surfaces on which sound treatment materials cannot be attached. The mounting height is adjustable.

Two or three AAP-75 panels can be mounted in landscape orientation on the mobile UNISON G-C Gobo Carriage. The assembled gobo (short for ‘go between’) rides low to the ground (approximately 10 mm) so that sound leakage under the gobo is minimized. The gobo’s high-quality heavy duty casters are fully lockable, for both rolling and swiveling.

Removable fabric covers The UNISON F-C Fabric Covers let you tailor the aesthetics of the AAP-75 to match your interior decor. Choose from a wide selection of attractive fabrics. These fabrics are acoustically transparent and meet commercial fire safety standards.
Customisation Art Customisation. We can customise the AAP-75 so that you can cover it with printed or painted artwork. We have a selection of royalty-free images for you to choose from, or you can supply your own digital images (minimum 5 megapixel resolution).

Colour Customisation. Custom colours available on special order. Please contact us for pricing.

Shape Customisation. The stock AAP-75 is suitable for dropping into a standard pre-hung 120×60 cm ceiling grid. Other regular geometric shapes such as squares, triangles, hexagons can be manufactured on special order. Please contact us for pricing.

Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 120cm x 60cm x 7.5cm (carton 134cm x 65.7cm x 16cm)
  • Weight: 7.3kg (packed 9.0kg)
  • Colours: Ivory, Black
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