UNISON F-S Floor Stand

The UNISON F-S Floor Stand attaches to the mounting bars of a UNISON AAP-75 bass trap.

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This allows you to do the following:

  • Quickly reposition an AAP-75 to different locations in the room.
  • Use an AAP-75 without mounting it on the wall.
  • Maintain an air gap between the AAP-75 and a boundary wall to maximise bass trapping performance.
  • Easily change the height of a AAP-75 to suit specific uses (e.g., to keep the centre of the AAP-75 at ear level).
  • Easily reverse a AAP-75 to use the opposite face in order to change the mid/high-frequency absorption profile.  Swivel the panel & floor stand 180º, or re-mount the AAP-75 with faces flipped around.

Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 152cm x 18.7cm x 5.4cm (carton, nominal)
  • Weight: xxkg (Packed 4.6kg)
  • Colours: Ivory, black
  • Height Settings (floor to bottom of panel/floor to top of panel):
    • 24.0cm / 144.0cm
    • 29.1cm / 149.1cm
    • 34.2cm / 154.2cm
    • 39.3cm / 159.3cm
    • 44.4cm / 164.4cm
    • 49.5cm / 169.5cm
    • 54.6cm / 174.6cm
    • 59.7cm / 179.7cm
    • 64.8cm / 184.8cm

At its highest height setting the UNISON F-S floor stand holds an AAP-75 at 648/1848mm (bottom/top) from the floor. At its lowest height setting the UNISON F-S floor stand holds an AAP-75 at 240/1440mm (bottom/top) from the floor.

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