Review: REDGUM Audio RGPH2ENR Signature Series Phono Stage

Read SoundStage! Australia’s review of the REDGUM Audio RGPH2ENR Signature Series Phono Stage.

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Edgar Kramer writes:

What should you ask of a high quality phono stage? In my view, a well-engineered phono should provide adequate gain from the groove-on-to-cartridge-on-to-tonearm pick-up, interpolate the signal from input through to the output stage and on to the amplification device – all requiring the delicate signal to progress unscathed and colouration-free. In addition, it should provide appropriate gain, impedance and cartridge type (MM/MC) options. While the REDGUM Audio RGPH2ENR excels at all of the above requisites, at the asking price it also presents an exceptional value for money proposition. Screaming bargain actually…

REDGUM Audio states in its product brochures that once the ‘REDGUM’ sound is heard, it cannot be unheard… I for one, am so glad I’ve heard it, and will not even attempt to un-hear it… I’m confident that your ears will concur. This baby stays solidly embedded within the context of my reference system.

Contact us to schedule a listening session in our demo room:

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BYOV (bring your own vinyl). Our playback chain:

  • Thorens TD2030 turntable, with Thorens (Rega) tonearm, Ortofon Blue cartridge
  • REDGUM Audio RGPH2ENR Signature Series phono stage
  • REDGUM Audio Black RGi120ENR integrated amplifier
  • Loudspeakers
    • Axis VoiceBox S reference mini-monitors
    • Axis VoiceBox FLS floorstanders
    • Magneplanar .7
    • Magneplanar 1.7
    • Magneplanar 3.7
  • UNISON broadband bass traps & diffusors

Note that the Axis VoiceBox S and all the Magneplanar loudspeakers can be seamlessness integrated with the Axis VoiceBox EBS Extended Bass System (single, or pair).

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