News Flash! Meet the Designers on Monday 31-Jul-2017 at 10.30

Ian Robinson and John Reilly (respectively founder/designers of REDGUM Audio and Axis Loudspeakers) are passing through Singapore in the week of 31st July. Both have made themselves available to meet fellow hifi enthusiasts and hobbyists for a chat. We are sorry for the short notice and the fact that it’s on a Monday morning, but… Read More

Designing the Axis Voicebox S – An Interview with John Reilly

At the end of the 1990’s John Reilly put Axis Loudspeakers on ice after a successful run that included him becoming Australia’s most awarded loudspeaker designer. The Asian financial crisis had hit hard, and John himself had health problems. Fast forward some 15 years to 2014. John revives Axis Loudspeakers and quietly releases the astonishing… Read More