Review of Redgum Black RGi120ENR in Mono & Stereo

The Mono & Stereo review appeared last year, but we are posting about it only now as we catch up on the backlog of to-do’s. It is well worth reading because in it Redgum founder and designer Ian Robinson expounds on the key aspects of his design philosophy:

  • Dual-mono passive preamps;
  • UltraFlex ‘drive anything’ power supply;
  • Use of MOSFETs (I call them solid-state valves) in the power amps;
  • Gigantic cast aluminium chassis that also functions as the amplifier’s heat sink.

Quote from Ian:

…if a REDGUM adds anything to the pleasure of listening, it is because we aim to add nothing!! An effective amplifier design should not leave its mark on the sound.

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