The Axis Voicebox S mini-monitor arrives soon!

We are extremely pleased to announce that AudioRev is the distributor for Axis Loudspeakers in Singapore and two other territories in the region.

If you were a hifi enthusiast back in the 1990’s you would have heard of Australian speaker manufacturers such as Duntech, Orpheus and Axis. You would also know that these three companies made loudspeakers that received critical acclaim wherever they were available. Unfortunately the Asian financial crisis of the late-90’s resulted in many companies being wound down. John Reilly, the owner and designer of Axis Loudspeakers, didn’t shut down Axis altogether. He put it into hibernation while he pursued other interests.

Well, John is back, and so is Axis Loudspeakers, with the phenomenal AxisVoiceBox S (AVB-S) mini-monitor. It is the result of collaboration between John and friendly rival Australian speaker designer Brad Serhan. These two gentlemen are, arguably, Australia’s finest speaker designers. The AVB-S was released in 2014. Since then the reviews have been  uniformly good—check out some of them at the Axis Voicebox website.

The AxisVoiceBox S Mini-Monitor

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