REDGUM Audio joins Axis at AudioRev

When we made the announcement a few days ago about AudioRev’s new relationship with Axis Voicebox, dialogue with another hifi audio manufacturer was still in progress. Well, the talking has been done, and we are pleased to tell you that fellow Australian company REDGUM Audio is joining Axis Voicebox under the AudioRev umbrella.

John Reilly (founder/designer, Axis Voicebox) and Ian Robinson (founder/designer, REDGUM Audio) are no strangers to each other, having been close personal friends for more than thirty years. They share the same passion about hifi audio and what it means. Both are faultlessly professional when doing business, yet also friendly and generous. We could not be more thrilled and honoured to be entrusted with the stewardship of their brands in the region.

Black 60 Front
Front fascia of a REDGUM Black-series integrated amplifier

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