Review of Axis Voicebox S Monitor & Voicebox EBS Extended Bass System at Soundstage! Australia

Read Edgar Kramer’s review HERE.

Even for someone who’s been doing this for well over a decade, there are times when you know you’ve listened to something special. For a little while now, I’ve been on a great run with gear that has been revelatory in many ways (in reviews for other publications in another life). The Gryphon Antileon EVO and Audia Flight Strumento 4 being highlights in terms of amplification while, most certainly, Totaldac’s d1-core has covered the source area and has seen-off many a more pricey contender. Magico’s M3 and Sonus faber’s Serafino Tradition have provided equal measure of delight – with my own Wilson Alexia still giving me goose bumps three years on – on the loudspeaker front.

The Axis Loudspeakers Voicebox S and EBS now join the band. And what you get for your hard-earned is an exquisitely refined, accurate and nuanced monitor which, as a system with the EBS, has the bass power, depth and resolution of a large floorstander.

With this combo, my soul has been shaken and truly stirred.

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