Review of Redgum Audio Magnificata Preamplifier and Monoblocks at Soundstage! Australia

Read Edgar Kramer’s review HERE. He concludes by saying:

I may have said this before in my many amplifier reviews. The job of a great amplifier is to pass on the information up the chain with as little manipulation as possible. Intact is best. It needs to control the speakers it has been charged to drive with utter, unwavering commitment. It should provide appropriate levels of power and current without power supply ‘sagging’ therefore not compromising the music’s dynamic swing and overall expression. All this while being tonally accurate and neutral. Ditto, the role of a preamplifier – given appropriate system gain relationships – which is to control volume and to provide switching for whatever sources are required while being totally sonically transparent to the source – do no harm. If you like fruit and spice, well, your source is there to embellish the sound with the preferred produce of countless flavoursome trees.

Given these ideals of signal integrity preservation are rather elusive, albeit not totally rare nor unique, the Magnificata passive preamplifier and monoblock amplifiers from Redgum Audio meet this stringent mandate – with full autumn leaves flying colours.

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